The job outlook for licensed practical nurses or LPNs is promising. According to the most recent report U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the need for LPNs is estimated to increase to as much as 14% until 2016. The increasing needs of patients to high quality care, the rapid developments in medical science and technology and the rising number of the elderly in the population who are in need of long-term care, resulted in the increasing demands for LPNs, though the country is in the middle of economic slump. People are always in need constant care, thus, the growth of this occupation is least likely to be affected they economic downturn.

Some institutions have started offering online LPN programs to students who want to pursue a career in this field. After the LPN program is completed and the students have obtained their licenses to practice as a practical nurse, LPNs can increase their knowledge and enrich their experience by specializing in specific areas of practical nursing through online LPN courses. Advanced courses or skills trainings are obtained from colleges, universities and hospitals. Practicing in a specialized field can greatly increase their employment opportunities and their chances for career advancements. LPNs who want to pursue a career in registered nursing can do so with minimum time and lessened content credits. Thus, there is a strong and potential career growth in LPN.

Working as an LPN can be demanding and stressful, and most of the time, LPNs are unable to gain further education because of the nature of the job. But with the latest advances in computer and information technology, LPNs can acquire their chosen specialties by enrolling in online LPN programs that provide advanced courses for practical nurses. Online LPN courses is an attractive option for LPNs since they can complete the courses at their own pace, thus, there is no need to juggle between school, work and family responsibilities.

LPNs can register in any accredited online LPN course that advances their degree to a bachelor of science in nursing. These online programs enrich the knowledge and clinical skills of LPNs, preparing them to be competent and efficient registered nurses after the completion of the requirements. Some modules are entirely completed through the internet, whereas, some modules require clinical practicums. LPNs undergo advanced clinical skills trainings with direct patient management in various health care facilities. They are supervised and evaluated by experienced registered nurses.

Online LPN programs for specialized trainings in the different fields of practical nursing are also offered by accredited institutions. Specialties in nursing, basic electrocardiogram rhythm interpretation, intravenous therapy, care for the terminally ill, breastfeeding management and support, wound management, basic venipuncture, immunizations administration, advanced education in orthopaedics and operating room theory and clinical practice are only some of the online LPN programs that are obtained through the Web.